Couch to 5k (C25K App) gives you more reasons to succeed at your first 5k

Coming from a past that included getting injured because my knees couldn’t handle my body weight or because I started too fast, this time I decided to approach my running more sensibly.  I did some research & figured that in order to run my first 5k, I needed to start slow. According to  Runner’s World ” Runners Complete Guide to Running” I needed to begin by combining walking & runnin & eventually give into my ability to run. Several other sites had similar recommendations.

The only challenge behind combining running & walking is setting perfect times to start & stop running. This is where the Couch to 5k app come handy. The C25K app that I am using is a free app by Zen labs.

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Things I love about C25K:

Week by week plan for running :With gradual increase in time for running, this app sets you up for success. I am now in week 2 & I have never felt so sure of being able to run my 5k.

Clear Instructions : Warm up , Start running , Start Walking , Cool Down & Half time completed are the only simple instructions given by the voice. No annoying horns & bells from your alarm.

Playlists: You can sync your playlists & hence match the tempo for your run or walk.  I personally prefer Pandora’s cardio radio & C25K works perfectly well with that app as well.

Simplicity: I love the user interface. It tells you exactly what you need to know nothing less & nothing more. Simply perfect. The ads are unobtrusive.

What Desires to be Seen:

App Voice Volume: Even though the volume on my phone & the app itself is at the highest, I personally think that it gets hard to hear the instruction given. You may have to pull out your phone to see what was said. 

Showing Extra Runs – Given that i fit the perfect picture of a couch potato, I had to do week one twice to get myself ready for week 2. Would love some acknowledgement for that

Tell me I did it – While running is such a personal thing, I would like some input from my coach on completing my first week or some points for staying on track for consecutive weeks

Let me Show Off –  I moved!  I did it for myself &  I want to tell my friends about it . A social media Share option would be great .

And while there are many other cool integrations that I would like my running app to do, I love this app because “it delivers without complicating”, thereby allowing  a new runner to focus on the most important thing – Running their first 5k.

Please feel free to share your experience with this app or let us know of any other app that you swear by.

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