Running to be a billionaire – Big O’s!

If I could be given a $ for every reason that I had, to not run & exercise I would be a billionaire by now. So if being unrelenting means  – OVERCOMING OBSTACLE (Big OO’s),  this is my plan to go rich- Putting $5 for me for every reason that I overcame to go running  –

DAY8 – $40- Didn’t wake up this morning – -OO– Morning is just one part of the day & I cant ruin the rest of my day with guilt . Will Run before 4pm & will look forward to it with a lot of enthusiasm , even if it is fake enthusiasm

DAY7 – $35Girls Night Out at 8.30 –OO — I don’t need 2 & a 1/2 hours to get ready – Go Run

DAY6 $30 EARNED – My T Shirt looks  crappy- OO – Buy new clothes when you reach a $100 & then run more to make it up – Leave now !

Day 5 $25 – EARNED – I love my Blanket – OO- if you don’t move now your bed will produce bugs so RUN.. (yes i have imagination)

Day  4 $20 EARNED – My Shoes Hurt – OO – get new shoes – go run now

Day 3 $15 EARNED – Got my periods – OO – Thank you Tampons – If i can stand then I can walk If I can walk , I can try & walk faster & then I can run!

Day 2 $10 EARNED –  He said he was coming & backed out – OO – Fuck it I am going

Day 1 – $5 EARNED – Its cloudy –OO – I don’t care , i just saw someone running , I am jealous – I am going ! WHAT’S YOUR REASON TO BE A BILLIOANIRE