Running with Obama

yes we can


I really think our dear President Obama is a hottie with oodles of personality, determination and charisma , but most of all , I love his marketing team for their campaign slogan of “YES WE CAN”. In his hair raising speech on change he says “Don’t tell me we can’t change.Yes, we can. Yes, we can change. Yes, we can.Yes, we can heal this nation. Yes, we can seize our future”

Every runner, especially a beginner needs more mental fuel than physical stamina to get running & I was looking for mine, when I came across the concept of auto suggestion.  In my understanding this is mental fuel to make you believe anything that you say to yourself.After all if will power is a muscle, auto suggestion is the gas fueling that muscle.

So from no on every time I feel the need to Gas my drive for running, I use the 3 famous words – “YES WE CAN”

– to my racing heart- “Yes You Can”

– to my deflating spirit “Yes you Can”

–  to my  aching muscles “Yes you Can”

– to my mind that is dying to give up – “Yes You Can”

And as I pound my way on the concrete path to my goal – I say it loudly. It works. I love it !

“Yes I Can”  drown every negative self-defeating thought in my head.

“Yes I Can” still breathe when I am out of breath & feel like even all the oxygen on this planet is not enough to  fill my lungs when I am running

“Yes I Can ” run even when my calves start hurting & ask me to stop running all together

“Yes I Can” Run when my C25K (Couch to 5k) app asks me to start running for the 5th time in my 30 minute run & I want to ask her to shut up

“Yes I Can” Run even when my shoes feels like it they are misbehaving (I never found a shoe that fit me right till I used this slogan)

“Yes I Can” Run even if it is cold or sunny or raining

“Yes I Can” Run even if my running partner wants the day off

“Yes I Can” Run . NO MATTER WHAT!

And as he concludes his speech  “ we are met with cynicism and doubt and fear and those who tell us that we can’t, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of the American people in three simple words — yes, we can.”

So thank you President Obama for showing me a different way. Thank you for inspiring me & running with me. I hope I get to run an actual marathon with you.




Running to be a billionaire – Big O’s!

If I could be given a $ for every reason that I had, to not run & exercise I would be a billionaire by now. So if being unrelenting means  – OVERCOMING OBSTACLE (Big OO’s),  this is my plan to go rich- Putting $5 for me for every reason that I overcame to go running  –

DAY8 – $40- Didn’t wake up this morning – -OO– Morning is just one part of the day & I cant ruin the rest of my day with guilt . Will Run before 4pm & will look forward to it with a lot of enthusiasm , even if it is fake enthusiasm

DAY7 – $35Girls Night Out at 8.30 –OO — I don’t need 2 & a 1/2 hours to get ready – Go Run

DAY6 $30 EARNED – My T Shirt looks  crappy- OO – Buy new clothes when you reach a $100 & then run more to make it up – Leave now !

Day 5 $25 – EARNED – I love my Blanket – OO- if you don’t move now your bed will produce bugs so RUN.. (yes i have imagination)

Day  4 $20 EARNED – My Shoes Hurt – OO – get new shoes – go run now

Day 3 $15 EARNED – Got my periods – OO – Thank you Tampons – If i can stand then I can walk If I can walk , I can try & walk faster & then I can run!

Day 2 $10 EARNED –  He said he was coming & backed out – OO – Fuck it I am going

Day 1 – $5 EARNED – Its cloudy –OO – I don’t care , i just saw someone running , I am jealous – I am going ! WHAT’S YOUR REASON TO BE A BILLIOANIRE